Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did the church get started?

We started meeting as a home Bible study in September of 2004. We incorporated as a Colorado non-profit in May of 2005 and had our inaugural service at Lewis Palmer High School in July 2005.

Why did the church get started?

The short answer is the founding families responded to a desire to provide the Monument / Tri-Lakes / Northern Colorado Springs region with:

  • In-depth expositional Bible teaching
  • A worship service format that would allow a greater amount of interaction and participation by the body at large.
  • A biblical pattern of shared leadership that eliminates the professional/laity distinction and demonstrates a plurality of gifts and mutual service.

What denomination is NorthWord?

We are a non-denominational church.

Where did the name "NorthWord" come from?

We wanted a name that gave a little inkling of where we were located, but that also gave a sense of the fact that we were committed to teaching the Bible. Since we are located in the north part of the county, we thought NorthWord was a good image of how we get our bearings in life (from God's Word) as well as a hint of the fact that most of our members reside in the Tri-Lakes region including northern Colorado Springs, Gleneagle, Jackson Creek, Monument, and Palmer Lake communities.

Who is the pastor?

We do not distinguish between the role or title of “pastor”, “elder” or “overseer”. The Bible uses those terms interchangeably regardless of renumeration, spiritual gifting, or specific role. Current pastoral/elder leadership consists of Len Crowley, Mark Smith, Ted Cox, and Scott Eldridge.

What is your form of government (pastor, elder, or congregational)?

Our governing follows the biblical model of plural elder leadership. Words used synonomously in the Scripture for church leaders are Pastor, Elder, & Overseer. (Our congregation sometimes affectionately refer to our leaders as "POEs"). Elder decisions require unanimity(100 percent agreement). Elders individually and collectively are responsible before God for the oversight of the local flock under their care and charge. Qualifications for eldership primarily concern character (not gifting), and come from the Bible in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. An elder must also have previously demonstrated effective ministry within our church family.

What kinds of programs and ministries do you have?

Although we recognize the value of various church programs, we also highly value leadership and participation directly from our members. As a result, we have been striving to wait upon God's timing for providing the appropriate resources for any ministries we undertake. We also desire to not be inappropriately focused on merely our own needs & desires, but also looking toward needs in our community and in other places around the world.

Currently available ministries are:

  • Sunday mornings:
    • Worship service (for all ages)
    • Nursery care
    • Children's classes for K-6th
    • Optional community lunch after the service

  • Junior and Senior High youth group meets on Sunday nights
  • Women's Bible Study on Thursday morning and Thursday evening
  • Various small groups meet throughout the week
  • Light Brigade - Community work projects for the poor, elderly and disabled

What is your focus and involvement with "missions"?

NorthWord is very committed to both the idea and action of reaching the world for Christ. The Bible clearly teaches there are several priniciples in WHO to reach, but leaves much flexibility in the METHODS used. One thing the Bible does clearly emphasize is the MANNER in which we communicate the Good News about Jesus - in a caring, loving, and sacrificial manner, looking to the needs of others first. As a result, our emphasis is on encouraging one another to develop caring individual relationships with people who don't yet know Christ, not on promoting broader social or political issues.

We desire to reach out to people both in our own community, as well as beyond, so we have partiitioned our support of outreach roughly 50 percent here locally, and 50 percent in other domestic or international areas. The Bible teaches that not only should we proclaim the good news about Jesus to those who have not heard, but it also clearly instructs us to help those who are in need. As a result, in addition to traditional overseas missions support, some of our efforts and giving goes to helping the poor, those in prison, and those who need a "cup of cold water" of some sort.

Our chosen missions methodology is to support a small number of organizations, individuals, or projects in a more substantial fashion, as opposed to a large number of activities in a small fashion. Our desire is to help focus our congregation on a few places where we can have significant impact and also have deeper and more involved relationships with the ministries and missionaries we support.

What is your doctrinal statement/position?

The primary essentials are:

  • The one God in three persons; the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • The Deity of Christ - Jesus is fully God and fully man.
  • The Bible is the inerrant Word of God, as written in the original manuscripts.
  • As such, the Bible is our primary tool for learning how to live in a way that pleases God and is good for us.

How are your finances handled?

We ascribe to Generally Accepted Accounting Methods, and will be audited by an independent CPA, or member volunteer committee (which our elders do not select) at least once every two years. Several unrelated people will be responsible for collecting and counting contributions together. We desire to give generously to the surrounding community and worldwide humanitarian and evangelical efforts.

Do you have membership?

We currently do not have formal membership; however, we believe that all followers of Christ should be committed to, regularly involved with, and seeking to grow in maturity in the context of a local church body. We believe that the true church is universal and consists of all the believers of Christ around the world. Therefore, we should be committed to open fellowship with, and encouragement of, any and all churches that are committed to the centrality of Jesus Christ, Savior and God.

Are you a non-profit 501(c)3 organization?

We are a Colorado non-profit corporation, and all contributions are fully tax deductible, since we meet all the IRS guidelines for a church. 501(c)3 status is not required for donations to be tax deductible.

How can I get involved?

Stop by the information table, or talk to one of our leaders to learn about areas to become involved.

Where can I find out more about NorthWord Church?

Talk to one of the leaders on Sunday, or email us at:


Sundays 10:00am

Lewis Palmer HS
Monument, CO