The NorthWord Difference

NorthWord Church

NorthWord Church is a small community of Bible-believing Christians, living together in Christ, who:

Confess Christ.
First and foremost, NorthWord Church participants confess Christ as the only Savior presented through God’s grace for the salvation of man; that Jesus is Lord, who directs all that we do.

Focus on Jesus.
We focus on Christ Jesus’ preeminence in our worship, praise time, and verse-by-verse teaching of His Word.

Celebrate Jesus.
NorthWord celebrates the practice of weekly Communion as a reminder of the priority of Christ in our gathering together and in our daily lives.

Devoted to Prayer.
We are devoted to prayer — corporately and personally — in seeking the Lord’s leadership in the church’s and our personal lives.

We humble ourselves before the Lord, prayerfully seeking the Spirit’s direction for the community in matters of size and ministry emphasis; and are willing to accommodate that direction as necessary.

Plurality of Leaders.
We believe that Biblical leadership is a plurality of leaders, equal in standing and authority, who are qualified to serve under the criteria defined in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5; and that in matters of decision, the Spirit will move their hearts in unanimity

Unifying Gifts of Service.
Understand that gifts of service to the Body have been given to every true Believer by the will of the Spirit; that those gifts are to be exercised both inside and outside the church by each follower; and we endorse those ministries typical in the life of the fellowship and directed by God’s Word for the exercise of those gifts. As the Spirit moves the hearts of each in the community, and as they respond in obedience, ministries will develop, expand or contract.

Deepening Our Personal Relationships.
A major objective with NorthWord is the growth of personal relationships within the fellowship to provide opportunity to exercise Jesus’ great command of “loving one another” through small group fellowship and ministry co-working.

Life Under the Word.
Congregants desire to grow spiritually under the tutelage of the Word of God, hearing from a variety of teachers presenting different perspectives to the understanding of God and His ways thoroughly. It is further our intent and responsibility to grow the next generation of leaders and teachers who will continue to promulgate the Church’s eternal purpose

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